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Jason Rubin

Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin On Price Drop: Oculus Rift Now More “Attractive” To Wider Audience

Jason Rubin comments on the announcement of the Oculus bundle price drop

As previously reported by VRFocus, Oculus is dropping the price of its Oculus Touch bundle to $598 (USD). We caught up with Oculus VP of Content Jason Rubin to get his thoughts on the matter.

“We believe there’s two things VR needs to grow. We believe it needs better content: there’s now 100 Oculus Touch titles in our store and hundreds of Oculus Rift titles. We have more content than any other high-end PC VR platform.” Rubin said, “The second thing is price. We’ve given thousands of demos and the thing people say most if they don’t buy at the end of the demo is ‘I love it, but it’s too expensive’. We’ve now got a price point that’s attractive for those people to buy.”

Rubin has also written a full think piece on the Oculus price drop and it’s potential impact on the company on the Oculus Blog.

Further news on GDC and Oculus will continue to be here at VRFocus.

Jason Rubin



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