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Orboot Augmented Reality Globe Launches Kickstarter

Augmented Reality Globe for children Orboot launches Kickstarter campaign

The Orboot is a 10” globe that can be scanned with a smartphone to access a range of augmented reality (AR) features and it is looking for funding via Kickstarter.

The Orboot globe is designed as an educational tool for children. It can pair with a smartphone to show a wealth of information on various locations, including monuments, food, music, animals and climate. Each globe highlight has it’s own story, which contains basic educational information, such as a story about the Chinese New Year and a girl’s trip to China.

The Orboot team are looking to raise $15,000 (USD) by April 5th 2017. Which, as of writing, they were less than $1000 away from reaching, only three days after the campaign launch.

orboot globe 1

The funding tiers rang from $1 (USD) for a simple thanks on the website, to $29 for a simple Orboot globe made of recycled materials and three features unlocked on the smartphone app, through to the $75 (USD) kickstarter exclusive which will net backers an Orboot globe with chrome-plated arc and base as well as all 8 features unlocked on the smartphone companion app.

orboot app 1

Orboot joins a range of virtual reality (VR) and AR related products that have been launched on Kickstarter. Such as the haptic feeback suit, or a survival horror game. Recently, another new children’s toy SwapBots also launched on Kickstarter, seeking £25,000 (GBP).

VRFocus will bring you news on other Kickstarter VR and AR products at they are launched.

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