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Over 50 VR Content Creators Join Blockphase For PhaseRight VR Beta

VR content creators join with blockchain distributor Blockphase for Beta of PhaseRight VR platform

Blackphase, a blockchain content distribution company based in Denver, Colorado, has welcomed over 50 virtual reality (VR) content providors and studios to the upcoming Beta for it’s PhaseRight VR platform.

The PhaseRight VR platform is designed to be a digital content distribution system for VR and 360-degree video that allows content creators to secure copyright proof, utilise the latest distribution systems and receive micro-transaction payments quickly and securely.

blockchain image1

The platform uses Blockchains, a type of distributed database that maintains a list of ordered records containing a time-stamp and a link to the previous block. This arrangement means the records contained within are very difficult to tamper with without it being easily detectable. Blockchains have been used as part of digital currency systems such a bitcoin since 2008.

Blockphase CEO Steven Austine said, “We are excited that these talented virtual reality and 360 video content creators have offered to join our PhaseRight VR beta. As we look to build our decentralized blockchain distribution platform, their participation will be vital to us delivering a top quality product.” [sic]

VRFocus will keep you informed on updates on Blockphase and PhaserRight VR.

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