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Overkill VR: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Overkill VR includes 28 Steam Achievements to unlock.

Yesterday Starloop Studios and Game Troopers fully launched their first-person shooter (FPS) Overkill VR. The title has been in Steam Early Access for the last few months, supporting Oculus Rift and Touch and HTC Vive. With the full videogame launch comes 28 Steam Achievements to unlock, all of which VRFocus has listed below.

Overkill VR features 14 available weapons, plus heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades, 30 levels set across five areas, with multiple paths to choose from. Until 24th March 2017, gamers can get 15 percent off the usual price, dropping the cost from £14.99 GBP down to £12.74.

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Full Achievement List:

  • Desert Eagle Owner
    Buy a Desert Eagle
  • M4A1 Owner
    Buy an M4A1
  • UZI Owner
    Buy a UZI
  • SPAS-12 Owner
    Buy an SPAS-12
  • Warming Up
    Kill 100 enemies
  • Barrett 98B Owner
    Buy a Barrett 98B
  • P90 Owner
    Buy a P90
  • First Five
    Reach Rank 5
  • SCAR-H Owner
    Buy an SCAR-H
  • Perfect East Slums
    Finish every mission in East Slums
  • Death From Above
    Call for a rocket raid 10 times
  • Top Gun
    Call for a gatling raid 10 times
  • Heated Barrels
    Kill 100 enemies with the mounted machine gun
  • Perfect Rail Yard
    Finish every mission in Rail Yard
  • That’s Grand
    Kill 1,000 enemies
  • Nemesis
    Kill 10,000 enemies
  • Taking No Prisioners
    Kill 25,000 enemies
  • Perfect Factory Area 1
    Finish every mission in Factory Area 1
  • Mounted Masacre
    Kill 500 enemies with the mounted machine gun
  • Flashbanger
    Use 10 flash grenades
  • Perfect Quarry-North
    Finish every mission in Quarry-North
  • Grenade Enthusiast
    Use 10 grenades
  • My First Million
    Earn $1,000,000
  • Elite Soldier
    Reach Rank 45
  • War Veteran
    Reach Rank 35
  • Quarter Century
    Reach Rank 25
  • Turned Fifteen
    Reach Rank 15
  • Bullets for the Masses
    Kill 1,000 enemies with the mounted machine gun
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