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Overkill VR screenshot 2

Overkill VR Leaves Early Access on Steam

There’s a 15% discount currently available.

November 2016 saw developer, Starlight Studios, and publisher, Game Troopers, release first-person shooter (FPS) Overkill VR for HTC Vive through Steam Early Access. This was then followed with support for Oculus Rift and Touch a short while later. Today the team has announced the end of early access, with the title fully launched for the headsets.

Over the last few months Overkill VR been continuously updated and refined, with 14 available weapons, plus heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and grenades. One of the main features of the title is its gun customisation options, with a massive array of upgrades and attachments to unlock allowing players to fully personalise their loadouts.

A purely single-player experience, Overkill VR includes 30 levels set across five areas, with multiple paths to choose from. At the end of each section players can pick from 2-3 locations to move to, each with its own difficulty to mix up the gameplay.

Overkill VR screenshot 1

With this final launch Starlight Studios added several more features to the videogame’s roster. These include an endless mode, for players to survive waves of enemies; Steam Achievements; Steam Trading cards; improved audio; left-handed support and machine gun height level adjustment.

“We wanted to make this game to be really arcade, like the game that inspired us: Time Crisis, we also want players to feel like Overkill’s world is real, as if they were soldiers on a frontline. For this reason, in an upcoming update, the game will support the Hardlight VR Suit,” said Jesús Bosch, CEO of Game Troopers.

Currently Overkill VR can be downloaded through Steam with a discount. Until 24th March 2017, gamers can get 15 percent off the usual price, dropping the cost from £14.99 GBP down to £12.74.

Checkout the new trailer below, and for further updates on Overkill VR and future VR releases from Starlight Studios and Game Troopers, keep reading VRFocus.

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