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Ghost In The Shell Title

Paramount Teases Ghost in the Shell VR Experience with new Trailer

The VR experience is expected to be released on Friday 31st March.

Oculus Studios, REWIND, Dreamworks, HERE BE DRAGONS and Paramount are all working together on a new 360-degree Ghost in the Shell experience.

The live action Ghost in the Shell movie is due to be released on 30th March in the UK and 31st March in the US. The movie is an adaptation of well-regarded cyberpunk anime which tells the story of a cyborg policewoman as she hunts down a dangerous hacker who is breaking into the brains of cyborg humans. The anime and the manga it was based on are known to explore themes of existentialism and transhumanism. The new live-action movie stars Scarlett Johansson in the role of cyborg policewoman Major Kusanagi.

Details on what the new virtual reality (VR) experience will entail are currently scarce as only a brief teaser video has been released so far. What is known is that there will be two versions of the experience, one for Oculus Rift and a mobile version for Gear VR. A 360-degree video preview is also up on the official Ghost in the Shell Facebook page.

The new VR experience is expected to be released on Friday 31st March to coincide with the American release of the movie. This is not the only way that the marketing for Ghost in the Shell have leveraged technology, however, as there is also an augmented reality experience to promote the movie launched through the YouCam app.

You can watch the teaser trailer below.

VRFocus will bring you further Ghost in the Shell updates as they come in.

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