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PlayStation VR Exclusive Unearthing Mars Confirmed for North American Release

Wiking Entertainment set to take you to the Red Planet on PlayStation VR.

Back in December 2016, Winking Entertainment announced that Unearthing Mars, a virtual reality (VR) videogame designed from the ground-up for PlayStation VR, would see release in Asian territories. Today, ahead of an updated playable build at the Game Developers Conference (GDC), San Francisco, beginning tomorrow, the company has confirmed that the videogame will also be made available in North America.

Unearthing Mars screenshot

Unearthing Mars experience is comprised of 10 different stages, each with its own unique gameplay mechanic. Players will take the role of a member of a team sent to recover fragments of the mysterious Phobos satellite, believed to hold clues to the possibility of an ancient civilisation on Mars. The experience, according to Winking Entertainment, takes on two different forms: in the first half of the videogame, players will experience operating a Mars landing craft vehicle firsthand, whilst in the latter half there’s puzzle solving and gunplay.

Designing Unearthing Mars specifically for PlayStation VR required investment in facial and body motion capture equipment in order to make movements as fluid as possible. Furthermore, in order to ensure players experience the fullest immersion in the VR environment, the decision was made early on to have leave minimal on-screen UI, use full voiceovers to guide the player and tell the story.

Unearthing Mars will launch across North America on 7th March 2017, exclusively for PlayStation VR. VRFocus will be meeting with Winking Entertainment at GDC this week and will report back with all the latest details.

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