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PlayStation VR Group shot

PlayStation VR Party: The Best Games for a Fun Night with Friends

Got a PlayStation VR but don’t know which videogames to impress your friends with? Check these out.

The launch of the PlayStation VR has been deemed a success by many, with even Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) seemingly caught unawares by the demand for the virtual reality (VR) hardware. But satisfying the early adopters is a much easier task than achieving mass market appeal, as has been seen time-and-again with peripherals in the videogame industry. One ideal is for those early adopters to become evangelists for the hardware, but doing so takes just the right kind of software.

Keen to ensure that VR can be enjoyed by families and friends as well as the core videogame demographic, every early adopter of the head-mounted display (HMD) should consider a purchase of PlayStation VR Worlds. A selection of mini-games both family friendly and more maturely themed, PlayStation VR Worlds offers a taste of the potential of VR without daunting newcomers with the possibility of a ten hour experience; or even just an hour, for that matter. Once that initial boundary has fallen what else can PlayStation VR offer to get the party swinging?

The Playroom VR

Playroom VR – Sony Interactive Entertainment

Playroom VR is a free download for all PlayStation VR early adopters, so why haven’t you got it yet? Well you probably have, and already have dived into the couch multiplayer style mini-games included. The essence of Playroom VR is that players armed with a DualShock 4 controller both work with and against the player wearing the PlayStation VR HMD. Monster Escape grants the solo HMD wearing player the ability to crush their foes as they combat one-to-four players who are trying to evade the large green beast towering down upon them, while Ghost House has the players working co-operatively to hunt supernatural beings in a cartoon haunted house. Playroom VR is a fantastic way of demonstrating this new technology without the fear of the many complicated implications of VR.

Werewolves Within screenshot 1

Werewolves Within – Ubisoft

A somewhat underrated PlayStation VR title, Werewolves Within is the essence of social interaction in VR. Although there’s no local multiplayer option – meaning the laughs will come from sharing the HMD around your friends opposed to getting the better of one another – Werewolves Within is an elaborate guessing game that is as fun as you choose to make it. Don’t underestimate the comedy value of merging new players online with the friends sat next to you on the couch.

Carnival Games VR-Alleyball

Carnival Games VR – 2K Games

One of the biggest selling franchises on the hugely successful Nintendo Wii console is also available on PlayStation VR, however this time around things are a bit different. Those looking for an immediate and accessible videogame to play with their family or a friend unacquainted with VR – or videogames as a whole, for that matter – could do far worse. Carnival Games VR promises a palatable experience with extremely low barriers for entry.

Ace Banana – Oasis Games

Ace Banana tasks the players with defending a pile of bananas from evil invader monkeys. Who doesn’t want to do that? You’ll have to put your archery skills to the test using PlayStation Move controllers in a VR experience that is designed to increase in difficulty as players choose their own play style: from short bursts to longer endurance tests. What’s more, the entire videogame can be played co-operatively. How’s that for multiplayer monkey-wrangling?

Sports Bar VR - checkers

Sports Bar VR – CherryPop Games

Much like Werewolves Within, Sports Bar VR isn’t social multiplayer for local players. However, it is the most social VR experience currently offered across any HMD. Originally launched as Pool Nation VR on HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR version lags a little behind the debut due to the lack of roomscale tracking, however CherryPop Games has worked very hard to ensure that the experience of being in a virtual space with complete strangers is just as entertaining. The name change came about due to the fact that pool became just one element of the videogame, with air hockey, ball games, darts and more now included as standard.

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