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PlayStation VR & PlayStation Camera Bundle Targets Europe

Sony could have a new PlayStation VR bundle deal on the way…

The PlayStation VR hardware package has been confusing for many at launch, with different territories offered very different assortments of hardware and software. It looks as though Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) are hoping to make the process of purchasing a PlayStation VR easier for gamers across Europe however, with a new bundle emerging.

PlayStation VR & Camera Bundle

According to sources in distribution, a new bundle is heading its way to ‘mainland Europe and the UK’ soon. This bundle will include the PlayStation VR head-mounted display (HMD) and the required PlayStation Camera, which itself saw a redesign prior to the launch of the PlayStation 4’s virtual reality (VR) platform. An image of the bundle packaging can be seen above.

What is interesting about this potential new bundle is that the packaging displays a PEGI rating, suggesting that software is also included in the box. While not yet confirmed, it would be easy to assume that the demo disc included with the PlayStation VR at launch remains part of the bundle for the next wave of packages.

No release date or pricing information for this bundle is currently available for either Europe or the UK; however the bundle is already available in select EMEA territories for effectively the same price as buying the PlayStation VR HMD and PlayStation Camera separately. Indeed, should this bundle materialise in European retailers, it will likely be positioned solely as an easier purchase option opposed to a better pricing deal.

It should also be noted that this bundle does not include PlayStation Move motion controllers, which are often considered an essential accessory for PlayStation VR.

VRFocus will of course keep you updated with any further details on this and other PlayStation VR retail bundles.

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