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Quark VR Introduce Wireless HTC Vive Prototype

Teaser video shows off wireless prototype

When it comes to high-end virtual reality (VR) devices, it is a known problem that wires can be an issue. In addition to the obvious problem of getting tangled or tripped, wires can break and fray, causing signal degradation. A company is working on a way to remove wires from the equation for HTC Vive users.

Quark VR are a Bulgarian company that were previously known as Intugame, under which name they produced a platform for mobile videogaming. Now they have released a teaser video showing off the prototype of a wireless version of a HTC Vive headset.

The wireless solution involves hooking the HTC Vie head mounted display (HMD) into a transmitter that can be placed in a pocket or hooked on to a belt, which then sends signals to and from the HTC Vive via wi-fi.

The product seems to be in fairly early prototype stages, as the transmitter assembly still seems to be fairly large and bulky. Quark VR say they are working closely with Valve on implementing their wireless solution, and they are hoping that a full trailer of the prototype will be available ‘soon’.

You can watch the full teaser video below. Further details are available on the Quark VR/Intugame website.

Quark VR are hardly the only ones working on a wireless VR solution, however. DisplayLink recently announced that they were working on a completely wireless high-end HMD. Quark VR might also be competing with the TPCast wireless solution, which is due to begin distribution in Q2 of this year.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Quark VR and other wireless VR solutions as they come in.

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