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Rebellion rolls out large content update for Battlezone

New difficulty levels, weapons and playable content introduced in update.

PlayStation VR launch title Battlezone will today receive a large content patch courtesy of developers Rebellion. The update will introduce new playable content as well as new cosmetic items.

The videogame is getting two new difficulty settings on either end of the spectrum. New players or those struggling with the game can enable Beginner level, while hardcore experts can go for Extreme level. Both of these will be free, and for those who take on Extreme level, beating it will net the player a new Trophy and a new tank loadout. There are three new tank loadouts to collect in all, which will require players to beat Extreme level three times to get them all.


As usual for a Battlezone update, new levels, maps and events will be made available for free. The development team have said the new levels will be ‘swimming in lava’ so expect those new levels to form part of end game content. There’s also two new missions called ‘King of the Hill’ and ‘Conquest’, though Rebellion have not yet offered details of what they will consist of.

A new enemy and a new weapon are also being added: the Jet – a fast, powerful, but fragile new foe, and the Railgun, which requires charging before firing a single powerful blast. Cosmetic items such as new bobble-heads to decorate your tank with as well as new skins to give your tank a unique look, are also included.

Battlezone Classic Mode_2

In addition, Rebellion has announced that players will have the opportunity to ‘Play with the Devs’ in special sessions, which can be found in the Events tab on the PlayStation 4 menu.

The last Battlezone update came in December 2016, featuring Classic Mode, harking back to the original design. Last month saw Rebellion confirm an Oculus Rift version was in the works, although the studio hasn’t revealed a release date yet.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Battlezone and other PlayStation VR games when they come in.

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