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Recent Adopters Of Oculus Touch Get $50 USD Store Credit [Updated]

Oculus users who have registered a Touch controller in last 30 days get $50 store credit

Following on from a previous VRFocus report on the Oculus price drop, we’ve received some further information. Oculus users who have registered a Touch controller within the last 30 days should be receiving $50 (USD) store credit for the Oculus Store.

Earlier at GDC, Oculus announced that the price for the Oculus Touch bundle would be dropped in price to $598 (USD). This left many early adopters of the Touch controllers somewhat dismayed that they had paid full price, only to see the price drop so soon after launch.

Oculus Price Cut

The text of the email received by early Oculus Touch adopters reads as follows;

“You’re Getting a $50 Oculus Store Credit,

Thanks for activating Oculus Touch within the last 30 days. Today we announced lower pricing for Rift and Touch, so we’re crediting your account with $50 (USD) to spend on digital content on the Oculus Store. This credit will be available in your account within 24 hours, and you’ll have a year before it expires.”

We will continue to report news from Oculus and GDC here at VRFocus

Update: The original headline for this article declared that “Early Adopters Of Oculus Touch…” would receive this credit. This has been updated to be more accurate to the situation. VRFocus apologises for any confusion.

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