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Samsung UK giving away Gear VR with Gear 360 camera for limited time

In time for Mother’s Day, this month’s price drop just got even better for Brits in VR.

Whilst it might be at the lower end of the immersion spectrum of virtual reality (VR), 360 degree video continues to grow in popularity.

360 degree video is now used for everything from advertising, to training and education to television and film. There’s plenty of good cameras on the market as well, something we looked into last week on VRFocus with our guide to the best 360 degree cameras you can currently buy.

One of the cameras on the list is the popular Samsung Gear 360. Launched back in April 2016, we brought you news a couple of weeks ago that both it and the Samsung Gear VR had received a price cut, with the Gear 360 dropping £100 (GBP) from its £349.00 price bringing it down to £249.00. Although at the time this was believed to be a limited time offer, there was no initial indication of when the deal would end.

Now however, the Samsung Shop – at least the one in the UK – is making that deal even more attractive. As up until the end of the month (31st March 2017) not only will you get the reduced price on the Gear 360 you will be eligible to receive a complimentary Samsung Gear VR2 without any extra charge. (Although buyers can actively refuse the deal and remove it from their basket.)

Upon checking the U.S. version of the Samsung Shop whilst there is a $50 (USD) off reduced price on the camera at present, purchasing a Gear 360 does not mention anything about a free head-mounted display (HMD) at the time of writing. It is unclear if any other regions are mimicking this current offer. UK buyers can also get free next working day delivery on all orders confirmed before 7PM via the Samsung Shop.

VRFocus will bring you more news on deals and sales of VR games and hardware as we get the information.

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