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Sensics Announces Home Suite VR Platform For OSVR

OSVR co-founder Sensics announce new platform with Sensics Home Suite, available for free to OSVR users.

The Sensics Home Suite platform is built on the Open-Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) framework and contains both a front-end user experience module and an open back-end commercial platform. It is being made available to all users of OSVR-compatible devices for no cost.

Sensics say the suite’s back-end functionality allows for new opportunities with regards to advertising and analytics. The front-end user experience includes a Home Screen for users to find new content and a notification interface that integrates text messaging and social media into the virtual reality (VR) experience.

OSVR HDK 2 headset

“The OSVR software platform made it easy to connect devices, peripherals and content and helped to bring VR and AR innovations to the market faster,” said Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics and co-founder of OSVR. “The Sensics Home Suite takes this one step further, creating the first open software hub for consumers, businesses, and brands. We believe it opens the VR market to companies of all sizes and will drive VR adoption and innovation.”

Alexis Macklin, Immersive Entertainment Analyst, Greenlight Insights added; “For VR to go mainstream, the market needs to have more players, at more price points. And for that to happen, companies need to see a clear path to profitability with VR. The industry cannot be sustained by hard-core gamers and the wealthiest earlier-adopters. In a recent survey, non-gaming categories such as travel, home design and virtual education, top the list for VR use cases capturing consumer interest. The Sensics Home Suite will allow companies from all industries and more to break into VR with new hardware, software and content that operates seamlessly, is customized to their brand and can be easily monetized.”

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