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Spray-Painting Game ‘Ghost Paint’ Comes To HTC Vive

Epic Games bring spray-painting VR game to HTC Vive

Ghost Paint is the brainchild of Epic Games Principal Artist Shane Caudle. What was originally a solo passion project has become a full virtual reality (VR) video game for the HTC Vive. The inspiration for the game was when Caudle first held the Vive controller and noted how similar it was to an airbrush.

Gameplay of Ghost Paint involved travelling to various city locations, tagging and spray-painting your designs onto a diverse range of surfaces such as concrete, brick, canvas and metal. The paint is very realistically rendered, with liquid paint behaviour such as dripping and overspray fully present. There are multiple tools available for painting, such as an airbrush, spray can, stencils, copy-paste and mirroring functions.


The game was entirely built using the Unreal Engine Blueprints visual scripting system, which uses Nodes, Lines and Events to build the structure of a game very simply. It also allows for pre-fabricated objects to be used to flesh out the game, enabling rapid prototyping.

Despite the game originally merely being a project for Caudle’s own amusement, the management at Epic Games loved the concept so much that they allowed Caudle to run with it. A commercial release date has not been confirmed yet, as Caudle says it still needs to further tweaking before it is ready, but a limited Beta is available via Steam.

Further information on Ghost Paint and other Epic Games VR products will be here on VRFocus

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