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SteamDolls VR Demo Released on Steam

Steampunk-themed videogame demo goes live on Steam

Steampunk-inspired adventure videogame SteamDolls VR has received a substantial update to its demo recently, which integrates trackpad support and a full gameplay tutorial.

SteamDolls VR was designed exclusively for virtual reality (VR). The player steps into the shoes of a thief who must use cunning and stealth to make their way through the environment, avoiding guards and other security measures, all while being stalked by a ghostly apparition.

The videogame has a heavy steampunk/victoriana feel, with dark gothic architecture and environments, enhanced by the ghost that follows the player, and dialogue referring to dreams and visions.

Only the demo for the game is currently available, though the developer says they hope the full version will be available soon. SteamDolls VR is currently exclusive to HTC Vive, but a Oculus version is also in the works.

SteamDolls VR has a tie-in comic book which is available through Comixology and iBooks.

You can find out more about the game and its updates from the Steam page.

VRFocus will bring you further updates about SteamDolls and other Steam VR projects as they come in.

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