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Studio Roqovan CEO James Chung On World War Toons & Other Projects

What lies in the future beyond a cartoon world at war?

As the technology behind virtual reality (VR), both the hardware and the software continues to develop at a pace so to do the companies behind it. The studios, products, and individuals involved continue to evolve. The studios their working practices, the products their scope and rage of creative vision, whilst the individuals evolve their talent and skills bringing new ideas to the forefront. Everything evolves.

2016 was for Studio Roqovan, like many other creators, a busy one. They too evolved at the beginning of October, rebranding themselves from Reload Studios. Their cartoonish VR shooter World War Toons was released, and was a PlayStation VR launch title.

It too continues to change, which we looked in our first chat with the team on Monday. This time however Nina talks to CEO James Chung, who discusses how the team are continuing to improve the game. Studio Roqovan’s work with Boulevard (the former Woofbert VR) and their virtual museums. Chung also gives his thoughts on where VR is going.

VRFocus will be back soon with another interview.

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