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Submarine Sim IronWolf VR goes Early Access

Currently available with 10% off on Steam.

Room-scale submarine simulator IronWolf VR is out on Steam’s Early Access programme for HTC Vive users to play ether single-player or co-op on a virtual reality (VR) underwater vessel.

IronWolf VR was designed exclusively for the room-scale VR that the HTC Vive offers. Gameplay involves firing torpedoes on enemy ships, taking out aeroplanes with anti-aircraft guns and evading depth charges while hunting down enemy convoys.

ironwolf vr 4

The game has been designed to mimic to real-life components and controls of a submarine as closely as possible, meaning all the levers and wheels are physical devices within the game, which can offer haptic feedback and 3D audio for further immersion.

Developer Ionized Studios has gone to a lot of trouble to ensure immersion is maintained. The room scale space is 2m by 1.5m, and everything within that space has been arranged so that the ‘teleport’ style of movement used in many VR titles is not necessary. Even when moving between areas, an action such as unsealing a door or operating a hatch is used to preserve the immersion.

ironwolf vr 2

IronWolf VR has so far received highly positive reviews on Steam. It is currently offering a special promotion of 10% off, meaning the game will be available for £15.29 GBP until 20th March 2017.

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