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Summer Lesson Release Dated, Getting Physical Release

Complete with the DLC packages and one version with English subtitles.

With Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)’s virtual reality (VR) headset the PlayStation VR doing well both critically and commercially – the latter to a degree that has surprised even SIE – talk inevitably turns to what new games are coming to the head-mounted display (HMD) to keep the momentum going. This last week brought news on a number of videogames including puzzler Korix getting dated as well as three new titles from PlayStation’s own China Hero Project.

Another title that many have been waiting to hear more about has now also been dated. Bandai Namco Entertainment Asia’s Summer Lesson has now been set for release on 27th April 2017. This was revealed in a trailer, one of three videos released at the end of last week by the studio.

The videogame sees you take on the role of teacher/mentor to Japanese student Hikari Miyamoto, and you spend time with Hikari, interacting with her in her room and the world around you. With additional content also available relating to Japan’s maid cafe culture among other subjects. The videogame is one of the earliest titles revealed for the PlayStation VR. Being first revealed back during the pre-Tokyo Game Show conference of SIE – then called Sony Computer Entertainment – in 2014.

It was also confirmed was that the previously mentioned subtitled English version for Southeast Asia would also be coming – shown in a Chinese language version of the trailer released at the same time. Summer Lesson was originally slated as a Japanese-only release with this additional version first mentioned near the end of 2016.

As well as the date announcement trailers additional trailers were also released for the Grand Fireworks scenario and costume and “Day Out” downloadable content which will be included in the physical version of the game. It will also include the standard game Summer Lesson: Miyamoto Hikari Seven Days Room, aforementioned Maid cafe-related outfit and scenario and other DLC package “Second Feel”. You can see the other trailers below.

Interested PlayStation VR owners outside the region looking to purchase the game should likely look to specialised online retailers and should be sure to check with them it is the correct version they are purchasing. Particularly if they are looking for English subtitles.

VRFocus will bring you more news on the release of Summer Lesson as it becomes available.

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