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SUPERHOT VR’s ‘Forever Update’ Hits Oculus Rift & Touch

Oculus FPS Superhot VR gets 20+ hours of new content in update

Innovative first-person shooter (FPS) SUPERHOT VR has received a large new content patch containing hours of extra end-game content.

The virtual reality (VR) version of SUPERHOT was originally released for Oculus Rift in December 2016, and now the SUPERHOT team have announced they are adding over 20 hours of new content as part of the Forever Update, which will also feature new achievements, challenges and endless arenas.

SUPERHOT was originally demonstrated as a three-level browser FPS with the interesting concept that ‘time only moves when you move’. The result was a very strategic game that gained high praise and managed to pass the Steam Greenlight process for distribution. The SUPERHOT team then turned to Kickstarter to get the funding for a full game release and managed to meet it’s funding goal within the first day. The team then rebuilt the entire game from scratch for the Oculus Rift, noting that some features in the standard game did not translate well to VR.


The game features a very minimalist art style featuring only three colours, white for the environment, red for enemies and black for objects the player can interact with. The developers say this is so the focus is exclusively on the gameplay.

Regarding the Forever Update content patch, the SUPERHOT development team had this to say; “Building upon one of the most recognized VR GOTYs, the Forever Update brings you 20+ more hours of intense, nerve wrenching endgame. The plethora of new challenges, achievements and endless arenas is guaranteed to mercilessly break you and reshape you into a superior version of yourself. You will sweat. You will scream. You will doubt your own sanity. And at the end, maybe, just maybe, you will prevail.”

You can watch the Forever Update announcement trailer below.

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