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VR Job Hub

The VR Job Hub: Dreamcraft Attractions, nDreams & Geomagical Labs

Roles in Canada, the US and UK this week.

There sometimes comes a point in life where you find yourself in need of a change. To develop yourself more. Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the developments in technology you’ve read about on VRFocus, perhaps you’re just keen to enter a growing industry. Whatever the reason, the VR Job Hub has listed some amazing opportunities for jobs in the VR industry.

View the listing below for further information:

Location Company Role Link
Victoria, BC, Canada Dreamcraft Attractions Lead Designer Click Here to Apply
Victoria, BC, Canada Dreamcraft Attractions IT Admin Click Here to Apply
Victoria, BC, Canada Dreamcraft Attractions Lead Environment Artist Click Here to Apply
Mountain View, CA, USA Geomagical Labs Augmented Reality SLAM Engineer Click Here to Apply
Farnborough, UK nDreams Lead VFX Artist Click Here to Apply

You can of course check back with last week’s post for ongoing listings, and if you’re an employer and are looking for someone to fill a VR or AR related gap on your workforce you can always email us. Just like Dreamcraft Attractions did this week. And we’ll feature your roles on next Sunday’s VR Job Hub. Just send an email with links to/details of the role to myself (keva@vrfocus.com) or Peter pgraham@vrfocus.com.

VRFocus will be back with more jobs at the same time, 3PM (UK) next Sunday for more new opportunities to get ahead in the industry.

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