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ThundeRobot Brings Its Gaming PCs to Europe

ThundeRobot offers VR-ready gaming rigs to European market for the first time.

ThundeRobot has been a big name in the gaming PC market in Asia for some time, now the company is bringing its product line to the European region, complete with its range of virtual reality (VR)-ready machines.

The company will be setting up a new European headquarters in Spain, where the majority of its logistics, spare parts stock and the 24/7 technical support department will be based. The first PCs in the ThundeRobot product range to be released in Europe will be laptops such as the ST-PLUS, which comes with an Inter Core i7 7700HQ processor, nVidia HTX1050Ti graphics card. The company is also launching desktops with the Vulcan F701, which comes equipped with Intel Core i7-6800K processor and nVidia GTX1080 graphics card. There will also be a limited range of accessories available, such as the K70 series of mechanical keyboards.

Carlos Patón, Product Manager at ThundeRobot Europe, said in a statement: “Our brand is a leader in online sales in the Asian market within the gaming PC and eSports sector. With the exponential growth of electronic sports, both in terms of followers and audiences throughout Europe, the growth potential of our brand is huge. Initially, we will launch computers and accessories, but in the medium term we will expand our range of products with virtual reality solutions.”

ThundeRobot expects to begin trading in Europe in April, directing through the company’s website and via selected eCommerce websites. Further details are available on the ThundeRobot Europe official site (please note, site is in Spanish).

VRFocus will continue to bring you further updates on ThundeRobot and other hardware manufacturers.

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