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Palmer Luckey

Total Recall Technologies Lawsuit Against Oculus Dismissed

Oculus gets some good news for once.

Oculus has had a rough start to 2017, with the main Zenimax lawsuit having now concluded (but certainly not finished), there are still further legal matters to iron out. One slice of good news has surfaced though, Total Recall Technologies (TRT) suit against the company has now been dismissed by a California court.

TRT first filed a lawsuit against Oculus and its founder Palmer Luckey back in 2015, which claimed Luckey broke an NDA he had signed when TRT approached him in December 2010 to work on a head-mounted display (HMD).

Now Judge William Alsup of the Northern District Court has ruled that TRT’s lawsuit is invalid due to a previous company partner objecting to it prior to leaving.

Total Recall Technologies - Oculus

An Oculus spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch: “We are pleased with the Court’s ruling to dismiss TRT’s entire case with prejudice. Our commitment to VR is the same. We are focused on expanding and pursuing our vision for this transformative technology.”

While this ruling draws the TRT case to a close Oculus still has to deal with Zenimax. In February Zenimax was awarded $500 million USD because of Oculus violating a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) but found the company not guilty of misappropriating trade secrets. Then later the same month Zenimax filed papers at the federal court in Dallas, aiming to stop Oculus from using or distributing its core software which includes the Oculus PC SDK for Rift and the Oculus Mobile SDK for Gear VR.

And just to top it all off ex ZeniMax employee and chief technical officer (CTO) of Oculus VR, John Carmack is suing the company. This over an alleged final payment of $22.5 million that ZeniMax is refusing to pay from the initial sale of his videogame studio id Software.

As these suits continue to progress, VRFocus will bring you the latest updates.

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