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VirZOOM Arcade VR Sports

VirZOOM Launch vSports Contests Across USA

vSports Competition winners can get high-end VR bundle

Virtual Reality accessory manufacturer VirZOOM is launching a new series of vSports contents at venues across America, in partnership with HTC, AMD and FitBit. People who participate in the VR sports competitions have the chance to win high-end electronics.

The contests are scheduled to take place every 2-3 months, and each will feature a different VirZOOM game. The first content planned will be with Tank: Winterstan, a mutliplayer tank game.

The contests are uniquely physical for a virtual reality (VR) competition. VirZOOM games are all controlled with VirZOOM’s own Exercise bike, which works in tandem with VR headsets such as the PlayStation VR or HTC Vive. So the user gets a real workout as they control the virtual bike, or tank or horse with the bike peripheral.

VirZOOM Controller

There are 30 venues across the USA who will be hosting the vSports contests, a full venue list is available at the VirZOOM website.

Participants in the competition have the chance to win the following:

1st Place: AMD VR-ready PC, HTC Vive VR Headset and a VirZOOM VR Bike + Games
2nd Place: Fitbit Charge 2
3rd Place: $100 (USD) Amazon gift card.

VirZOOM Arcade VR Sports

The first set of contests will begin on 17th March through until 19th March 2017. Anyone who can get to one of the participating venues can compete and try and get their name to the top of the leaderboard.

VRFocus will keep you updated on vSports contests and other VR sports content.

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