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VR Performance Measuring Tool Announced By NVIDIA

NVIDIA announces VR performance analysis tool coming mid-March

At the GDC this week, graphics card manufacturers NVIDIA announced the future  release of a new capture analysis tool for measuring the performance of virtual reality (VR) experiences called FCAT VR.

While the existence of performance monitoring tools has been a fact of life for desktop PC users for quite some time, up until now there hasn’t been much option when it comes to measuring VR performance except subjective ‘How does it feel’ tests by individuals.

VR rendering is very complex and places high demand on the hardware. The best VR experiences require extremely low latency and high frame-rate. FCAT VR tracks four main metrics in order to analyse the quality of the VR experience, including frame-rate, dropped frames and stutter.

Nvidia FCAT VR - Analyzing Results

FCAT VR can also analyse the resulting data and display in a variety of different ways for the user to analyse and identify bottlenecks and other issues. The FCAT VR tool will be available for download on the GeForce website in mid-March.

VRFocus will keep you updated with further new on FCAT VR and other VR analysis tools.

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