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VR Start-up Holobuilder Gets $2.25 Million Investment Boost

VR construction firm Holobuilder get 2.5 million investment boost in first year.

Holobuilder Inc. a start-up firm providing cloud and mobile software for the virtual reality (VR) capture of construction sites, have just received an investment of $2.25 million (USD) in its first year. The recent investments come from venture capitalist firms VC Brick & Mortar Ventures and Tandem Capital, and comes not long after Holobuilder received a Constructech 2017 Top Products award.

Holobuilder Inc

HoloBuilder’s products allow builders and engineers to share 360-degree views of their site. The Construtech just praised the ability of the software to make collaboration easier while reducing costs; “What makes HoloBuilder unique is that it allows people on site to capture the site in 360 degrees as fast as they can walk through it.” said one of the jury members.

Mo Akbari, Founder, and CEO of HoloBuilder had this to say; “”Over the last year, we’ve worked with many of the the most important general contractors to create the best reality capturing and management solution for the construction industry. And the latest investment lets us work even closer with leading industry experts.”

The unique feature set of HoloBuilder allows users to capture every step of the building progress in one single virtual project making documentation a lot leaner and thorough than it has ever been before. “HoloBuilder is one of the most efficient methods that we have in documenting as-built conditions throughout the life of the project,” says Italo Cruz, Construction Technology Specialist at Rogers-O’Brien Construction, a Texas-based general contractor. “It is basically like having X-ray vision for your building.”

Holobuilder is one of a growing number of firms utilising VR technology for building and design work, such as PulteGroup using VR to give virtual tours of unbuilt homes, or IKEA’s virtual kitchen.

VRFocus will continue to report on VR in construction and design.

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