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VR Visual Novel Project Lux Get Release Date

Story-focussed VR experience will leave Early Access on 31st March.

Project Lux is a story-oriented virtual reality (VR) experience that is currently in Steam Early Access. Developer Spicy Tails and publisher Sekai Project have now announced when Project Lux will get its official launch.

Set in a distant future where humans have cybernetically-enhanced brains, an agent must relive the stored memories of a murdered girl to find out the truth. The title is divided into five episodes that follow the story of Lux, the artist who was the victim of murder. The central character of Lux is brought to life with motion capture performed by well-known Japanese voice actor Aimi Tanaka.

The story of the title was inspired by a book called “Kakuchō Suru Nō” (Expanding Brain) by Japanese author Dr. Naotaka Fujii. The developer described the VR experience as being ‘story-oriented’ as opposed to most VR experiences, which Spicy Tails say are more ‘experience-oriented’. The world of Project Lux is heavily inspired by Anime, with a style that in some places is reminiscent of works from Studio Ghibli.

Project Lux is set to get its full release on 31st of March for the HTC Vive. The game features voice-acting which is all in Japanese, but subtitles in English and Simplified Chinese are available.

A price point has not yet been set.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Project Lux and other VR Early Access games when they come in.

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