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VRFocus Talk To Winking Entertainment Ahead of US Launch of Unearthing Mars

Winking Entertainment’s Eric Tsai discusses the team’s upcoming PlayStation VR title

VRFocus correspondent Nina talks to Eric Tsai from Winking Entertainment about Unearthing Mars, the new virtual reality (VR) sci-fi game for PlayStation VR.

The developers say that Unearthing Mars consists of roughly 2 hours of gameplay, with each stage featuring different mechanics such as shooting and driving segments. Players take on the role of a co-pilot who is tasked with trying to find fragments that contain clues to a lost Martian civilisation.

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Winking Entertainment are an Asian game development company based in Taiwan mostly known for their online games such as The Arabian Night Online and Battle of Destiny Online. For Unearthing Mars the company had to do a considerable amount of research and development on face and body motion capture to make the animation as fluid and realistic as possible.

As VRFocus have previously covered, Unearthing Mars is already out in Asia, but the game is now due to launch in the North American region on March 7th 2017. It will be priced $14.99 (USD), but Tsai says there will be a launch discount. Tsai also teased that there might be a possibility of the game coming to Vive and Oculus at a later later date.

You can watch Nina’s interview with Eric Tsai below.

VRFocus will continue to keep you up to date with VR game launches.

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