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I Expect You To Die

Schell Games Discuss Their Upcoming HTC Vive Release of I Expect You To Die

Nina interviews senior designer Shawn Patton.

Following on from her review of Schell Games’ escape room videogame I Expect You to Die, VRTV’s Nina talks to the studio’s Senior Designer Shawn Patton about the title and more.

I Expect You To Die is set in the late 60s era, taking cues from James Bond and other classic spy adventure movies and TV shows. The objective is to escape from the situation, while giving the player the feeling that they are the classic spy hero.

The videogame has four main missions, within each mission there are six achievements that are available, represented by virtual ‘souvenirs’ that can be brought back to the central character’s office and displayed.

Schell Games also worked on Water Bears VR, a cute puzzle game for HTC Vive and Google Daydream. The developer also produced Orion Trail on Gear VR, a homage/parody of both Star Trek and retro adventure game Oregon Trail.

I Expect You to Die originally launched for Oculus Rift in November 2016, with Oculus Touch support added in December. Since then a PlayStation VR version has arrived and a HTC Vive edition is expected to be available in the Spring.

Checkout the full interview below, and VRFocus will continue to bring you further news on Shell Games’ VR output.

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