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VRUnicorns New Title #Archery Out Now

A 15% discount is available through Steam.

VRUnicorns is a development team that is known for colourful, less-than-serious titles such as SelfieTennis. The studio is set to continue that trend with today’s release of #Archery for the HTC Vive.

#Archery puts the player in control of a bow, and then sets various tasks that must be completed, when all the player has to work with is the bow. As a result, a pizza must be assembled by firing tomatoes and mushrooms at it, children receive their ice cream from the ice cream truck via bow shot, and papers are shot into letterboxes through the power of a longbow.

As covered by the VRFocus preview, there are five mini-games available, making pizza, paper round, ice cream stand, dragon toy factory and roof top target range. Each has it’s own mechanics and goal, and each can only be accomplished with innovative use of a bow.

VRUnicorns #Archery Paper Delivery Scene

#Archery is out now for HTC Vive. It is currently still in Early Access as the developers are expecting to add new features, mechanics and mini-games as it moves closer to final release. You can visit the Steam page for further details.

There is currently a special discount offer on Steam, where #Archery can be bought with 15% off, bringing the price down to £5.94 GBP, or alternatively can be bought alongside SelfieTennis in a bundle that costs £14.65, a discount of 33%. The special discount offer will last until 6th April.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on #Archery and other HTC Releases as they become available.

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