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Welcome to the New VRFocus!

VRFocus has undergone a cosmetic upgrade – what do you think?

Three years. It’s been three years since we launched VRFocus into the wilds of the virtual reality (VR) community, and what a rollercoaster that’s been. Thanks to some pre-launch research it didn’t take the team long to find our niche-within-a-niche, but since then a lot has changed. And so it was about time VRFocus changed, too.

As the editor of VRFocus the types of content produced by the team has always been a decision that has fallen at my feet. I’m a firm believer that it will be entertainment that will drive VR to mass adoption, and so videogames has always lead the charge. That won’t change, however with the industry now expanding very rapidly beyond imitation light guns and light-hearted puzzle solving, there’s going to be a greater emphasis on the wider variety of content coming to modern head-mounted displays (HMDs). We saw this ideal trailed through the popular This Week in VR Sports Saturday feature series, and more in this fashion shall be coming soon.

Of course, there’s also the matter of VRTV. A popular series which debuted last year, VRFocus listened to the feedback from our audience and revamped the show for 2017. Opposed to a long form chat show of sorts, VRTV is now a short-and-snappy take on what’s popular and what’s new, and we can’t wait for more of your feedback on this second season as it develops.


Then, as those of you reading this article on vrfocus.com itself will surely have noticed, we have a brand new website design live. The redesign came thanks to an acquisition that has been bubbling under for some time. While it was nDreams – particularly the company’s CEO, Patrick O’Luanaigh – who had the foresight to launch a UK based VR specialist website three years ago (and the established system of ethics to leave the editorial team well alone in doing their job) the mantle has now been handed to InvestVR who recently acquired the company. Fear not however, the same principles of an entirely hands-off approach to editorial will remain in place, but what the acquisition does bring is new opportunity.

VRFocus will be launching a number of new initiatives in 2017, and while I’m not currently in a position to share more details there are many that our core audience has been asking for over the past three years. We’ll be upping our video content, the quantity of our feature pieces and the scale of our off-site offerings, but there’s much more besides!

While all that’s brewing, don’t hesitate to get in touch and let the team know how you feel about the website redesign and what you’d like to see on VRFocus in the future – after all, a website is nothing without its readers.

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