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White Door Game’s Horror Experience Dreadhalls Creeps onto HTC Vive

There’s a limited time discount available on Steam.

The horror genre has become very well established in virtual reality (VR) with some headsets having exclusive titles – Resident Evil 7 biohazard – while other experiences have been made available to all. One of the earliest and most well known horror videogames comes from White Door Games in the form of Dreadhalls, originally for Samsung Gear VR then ported to Oculus Rift as a launch title. Today Dreadhalls goes one further adding support for HTC Vive.

For the HTC Vive launch White Door Games has ensured the headset is fully supported, meaning that the headsets motion controllers can be used rather than a gamepad. The title also allows players to enjoy the experience sat down, standing or in room scale.

Dreadhalls pc_statue_portcullis1

The Steam release also supports Oculus Rift and Touch, so gamers can buy it on the store to play on either headset platform.

For the Steam release there’s a limited time discount available, dropping the price but 15 percent from £7.99 GBP to £6.79 until 16th March 2016.

If you’ve not heard of Dreadhalls before, it puts players in an expansive dungeon, which must be scoured to find a way out. But to survive the dangers that lurk in the dark, stealth is key. With no weapons to help, just a dim light to see through the blackness, the title uses atmospheric dimly lit corridors, frightening sounds, and plenty of jump scares to instill fear.

To learn more about the videogame checkout VRFocus’ review for Oculus Rift, and keep reading VRFocus for any further updates.

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