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World War Toons

World War Toons Update The Great Brawl Introduces Prototype VR Control Scheme

World War Toons introduces new content update with extra characters, weapons skins and new VR movement controls

Free-To-Play first person shooter (FPS) World War Toons is introducing a large update to its game. Including new map, new characters and weapon skins and a new virtual reality (VR) control method.

Developer Studio Roqovan have announced the new map will be called The Great Brawl. The new map introduces new adorable panda characters, and there are other new characters being introduced with the update, such as a New York Rat, a Scottish Nessie and a military Chickenhawk. There will also be new legendary skins, British Bulldog Bobby, a robot rabbit and a shark with “a frickin’ laser on it’s head.”

World War Toons

There’s also a new prototype VR control scheme, designed for people who are not used to moving around in VR. It’s a teleport control scheme that minimises the motion sickness effects some people experience when in a virtual environment. The new  scheme is currently available for testing on the Basic Training map. Studio Roqovan are looking for feedback on it, so be sure to provide your thought at the official website.

World War Toons

Studio Roqovan themselves are an independent game studio based in Los Angeles. They previously went by the name Reload Studios. World War Toons was originally released in October 2016 for VR and non-VR platforms. The class-based FPS is a cartoonish take on World War 2 featuring animals.

The new update has its own trailer, which you can watch below.

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