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The Veritones 360 music video

A Cappella Student Group Launch VR Music video

Students at Harvard University have produced a 360-degree music video for their A Cappella group.

Music and virtual reality (VR) have a fairly solid relationship these days. There have been several bands and singers who have produced music videos designed to be viewed through VR head-mounted displays (HMDs). A student project has apparently been inspired by this enough to bring their A Cappella music group into VR.

A Cappella is music that is specifically performed without musical accompaniment. Harvard University has several collegiate groups who perform in that style as A Cappella is a style that has been growing in popularity, with some analysts attributing it to how easy A cappella music is to remix and use to make mashups with.

One of the Harvard Student A Cappella groups, The Veritones, have produced a 360-degree music video for a performance of Gemini Feed, a cover of a song originally by Banks.

The project was entirely produced by university students, most of whom are part of Harvard University’s CS50 program, which is a program that introduced students to computer science. The program has had up to 2,200 participants and 102 staff and has featured regular hackathons, as well as offering students the option of watching lectures via VR.

The student group assembled the 360-degree video using elements they filmed themselves and sound that was mixed with some advice from experts at The Vocal Company. The video was launched today, 23rd April 2017.

You can watch the completed music video below and VRFocus will continue to bring you news of innovative new VR experiences.

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