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ADVR Introduce New Marketing Platforms for VR and AR

New cross-platform marketing platform uses machine learning analytics.

US tech start-up ADVR have unveiled a new ‘marketing engine’ designed for Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) applications.

The new marketing platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to capture the likes and dislikes of the users and allow developers to use the generated analytics to target content to VR and AR users. The developers behind the system say that is id designed to enhance rather than disrupt the experience of gamers and other VR/AR users.

“ADVR is all about self-directed discovery that puts users in control so they not only find content they want and like, but can choose whether or not they actually interact with it,” said Arnaud Dazin, co-founder and CEO at ADVR. “Nothing is more sincere than genuine passion, and ADVR helps developers and marketers put a piece of themselves into their content marketing so it truly comes alive.”

The new marketing platform was created to provide a platform-agnostic way for developers and publishers to gain a reliable source of revenue from advertising while not disrupting the user’s experience of immersion.

Many companies are becoming increasingly interested in integrating advertising into AR and VR experiences. Adobe has been experimenting with its own advertising platform, and mobile marketing firm Verve have also begun producing advertising for VR in conjunction with digital effects company Digital Domain.

VR and AR in advertising is a growing area. VRFocus will continue to keep you up to date with new developments.

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