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AMD Announces new VR-Ready Radeon RX 580 Graphics Card [Updated]

Aims to provide virtual reality experiences for those on a budget.

Technology company AMD have been very busy of late. Along with their new line of Ryzen processors, they are also working on a brand-new next-gen architecture called Vega, which many a gamer and virtual reality (VR) users has been waiting eagerly for. To try and fill the gap, AMD have launched a new range of 500 series cards, including the VR-ready Radeon RX 580.

The new 500 line is essentially an update to the previous 400 line, and AMD are taking aim at the estimated 80% of PC gamers who are still using graphics cards that are two years old or older who might wish to upgrade.

AMD claim that Radeon RX 580 is capable or running a smooth 60fps or higher on titles such as Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Resident Evil 7, getting up to an impressive 75fps for the latter title.

The revealed specs are as follows:

Clock Speeds (Boost / Base) 1340 MHz / 1257 MHz
Memory Speed (Effective) 8 Gbps
Peak Performance (TFLOPS) Up to 6.2
Memory Speed (Effective) 8 Gbps
Texture Units 144
ROPs 32
Memory Bandwidth 256 GB/s or higher
Memory Interface 256 bit

The Radeon GX 580 is confirmed as VR ready for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Prices for the Radeon RX 580 start at around $220 (USD).

There have, however, been some rumours circulating that users of last year’s GX 480 card have been able to successfully flash the BIOS and overclock the card to get the same performance at the RX 580.

AMD have released a video displaying the RX 580’s performance, which can be viewed below.

VRFocus will continue to bring you news of new VR related hardware releases.

Update: Previously this article showed a Radeon 570 within it, which whilst part of the line is not specifically mentioned to be VR Ready. VRFocus apologises for this error.

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