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AMD Talk About What They See As Future of VR

AMD Corporate VP Roy Taylor talks about wireless VR and AMD’s future with VR technology.

In a recent interview, Roy Taylor, Corporate VP and Head of Alliances at Radeon Technologies discussed what he thought the future might hold for AMD and for virtual reality (VR) in general.

Taylor was speaking to TechRadar about the recent acquisition of Nitero, a company specialising in wireless VR solutions. Many analysts believe that development of non-tethered VR technologies is vital for VR to progress, Taylor agreed, saying: “It’s very exciting, and the wireless technology can be very, very impactful in terms of the future of VR. We put up with wires today because we have to, in order to have the experience. But the wires are an issue in two ways; one is we are always conscious they are there, so some part of our mind is always going ‘don’t trip up,’ or ‘don’t pull it out of the wall.’ And that is the enemy of presence.”

Presence refers to the feeling that a user gets when they completely forget they are wearing a VR headset and become 100% invested and immersed in the virtual world around them. But this illusion tends to be a fragile one, something like getting tangled in wires is easily enough to break it.


“The second thing is the enemy of movement,” Taylor continues. “You can only move to a certain degree when you’re connected with wires. When you take that away, we feel more willing, less inhibited, to kind of roll and move and dance and so on. So, for example, you wouldn’t dance… or maybe you would, but it would be uncomfortable.”

One of the critical bottlenecks when it comes to wireless VR technology is latency. Wireless technology tends to have less available bandwidth and is more prone to interference that wired solutions, so eliminating lag is no easy task, but is critical for VR. Nitero have introduced technology for low-latency VR broadcasting, which when combined with AMD’s expertise when it comes to CPU and graphics technology and other PC components, and the picture begins to become clear. “AMD are now a one-stop shop for everything you need to create the perfect VR experience,” Taylor states.

In the event that AMD decide to create an all-in-one VR rig, VRFocus will be there to bring you the latest news.

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