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American Collegiate Football Kicks Off on VR

College Football Playoff have teamed up with MANDT VR to bring 360-degree videos of games to fans.

Sports is a big growth area for the virtual reality (VR) sector. Several different sports have begun to experiment with the possibilities presented by both VR and augmented reality (AR) from Ice Hockey to Motor Racing. The College Football Playoff (CFP) are also now getting involved with VR as a collaboration with VR content creation company MANDT VR is producing VR and 360-degree videos for American Football fans.

The new VR experiences offer fans access to games and surrounding events in a way not possible with conventional TV broadcasts. The first two videos, CFP National Championship Recap and CFP Weekend: All Access are already available through Facebook and Youtube and showcase the action on the football field as well as interviews and surrounding activities.

“VR provides an elevated, imaginative level of engagement for college football fans,” said Bill Hancock, executive director of the College Football Playoff. “We are delighted to enter into this space and share insights into the CFP experience.”

“CFP is the premiere destination for college football fans, and we’re thrilled to add a new dimension to the organization’s offerings,” said Gordon Whitener, founder and chairman of MANDT VR. “I wholeheartedly believe that the excitement and action inherent in collegiate-level sporting events make for some of the most compelling content out there. The videos released today deliver fully immersive experiences to fans, offering unprecedented access into the CFP world.”

Further information and access to the currently available 360-degree videos can be found on the CFP official website.

VRFocus will continue to bring you the latest on VR use in sports.

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