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Arcade Shooter REGENESIS Gets Greenlit

Polish hardware manufacturer Hyperbook sees success with first videogame offering.

Polish developer Hyper VR is the software division of hardware manufacturers Hyperbook. The first excursion into software and videogames from the company is REGENESIS Hyperbook Arcade, which was submitted to Steam Greenlight program, and just got approved by the community for a full release.

REGENESIS puts the player in the role of the Last Man on Earth. The player character has been in hibernation sleep for decades and awakens to find the world changed, taken over by robots. The robots are divided, though, and each different robotic faction has its own agenda. Some robots wish to protect the last human alive, some wish to eliminate him on sight. The player needs to decide who to side with, while protecting themselves from hostile forces.

Crafting and shooting are both important elements to the gameplay. Resources termed ‘elements’ can be collected to turn into weapons. A variety of different weaponry is available, ranging from standard blasters to supremely powerful weapons such as a railgun or a Half-Life-inspired gravity gun. The combat is physics-based and the title contains two modes. The first is simple arcade shooting action, the player must defend themselves from endless waves of hostile robots for as long as possible. The second mode is the store mode, which introduces the lore behind the REGENESIS universe in addition to the combat and also brings in puzzle elements.

The title was designed with both HTC Vive and Oculus Rift support in mind. The developers are planning to make REGENESIS available for free on launch, though it is not currently know when the official launch of the title will be.

A trailer for REGENESIS can be viewed below. More information can be found at the official Steam page.

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