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BAFTA Organise an Evening of Talks About Writing for Videogames

Interactive story experts Talespinners will lead a discussion about storytelling in videogames.

Writing for an interactive medium like videogames is a particular skill. Branching narratives and the ability of players to influence the story mean that writers have to think carefully about how to craft a story. Add in the complexity of virtual reality (VR) and it becomes even trickier. Therefore, BAFTA have organised an evening of discussion surrounding the art of storytelling in videogames.

The talk will be lead by Cardiff-based company Talespinners, who specialise in providing story and narrative services for videogames and other interactive mediums. The talk will focus on interactive horror and how the interactive medium can be used to evoke emotions; not just fear, but a range of different emotions and sensations to help immerse the player in the scenario.

Talespinners have worked on a variety of videogames in the past, including Lego Star Wars and Lego Harry Potter. More recently, the company contributed towards the story for The Descendant and SOMA as well as VR RPG Raiders of Erda. The company has a particular interest in horror, and have been involved in creating horror-themed videogames, books and films.

BAFTA and Talespinners have worked together before, as the Talespinners team formed part of the juries judging the Narrative and Ones to Watch categories for the BAFTA Games Awards 2017.

The evening discussion is part of a project from Cardiff university called RPG: Relating Philosophy and Gaming, which runs events aimed at engaging people with videogames and philosophy.

The event is due to take place on Monday 24th April at 7pm at Cardiff Cineworld. Tickets are still available via the BAFTA website.

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