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Bandit Six screenshot

Bandit Six: Combined Arms: Achievements, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Bandit Six: Combined Arms includes 27 Trophies to unlock.

Earlier this week Climax Studios launched Bandit Six: Combined Arms for PlayStation VR, combining the developer’s two Samsung Gear VR titles, Bandit Six and Bandit Six: Salvo. The video game features 27 PlayStation Trophies to unlock, all of which VRFocus has listed below.

Bandit Six: Combined Arms includes 42 levels across land, sea and air to work through, as well as unlockables, perks and upgrades for all the weapons. With the extra graphical power available with PlayStation 4, Climax Studios ensured the experience has been optimised to make the most of the PlayStation VR enhancing visuals.


Aim high – Shoot down a helicopter with the artillery (Bronze)

Big guns – Complete a level using only the mortar and artillery (Bronze)

Bronze star – Complete a mission with a rank of three stars outside of basic training (Bronze)

Chattering – Destroy 15 enemies in a level with the machine gun (Bronze)

Customise – Upgrade all of your guns on one level (Bronze)

Don’t lose your cool – Upgrade any gun to the maximum cooling level (Bronze)

Feel the power – Buy 3 different power ups (Bronze)

Gunner – Get a rank of three stars outside of basic training (Bronze)

High caliber – Upgrade any gun to inflict the maximun level of damage (Bronze)

Quick fire – Upgrade any gun to the maximum rate of fire (Bronze)

Abandon ship – Sink an enemy destroyer (Silver)

Beach defender – Destroy all the landing craft in a level before they deploy (Silver)

Chain reaction – Get a kill streak of at least 5 (Silver)

Chauffeur – Get all the generals to safety (Silver)

Gunnery sergeant – Get a rank of three stars on 5 levels (Silver)

Knocking them out of the sky – Get a kill of every type of enemy plane (Silver)

Shielded – Complete a level without losing a single gun in a level after basic training (Silver)

Silver star – Complete ten missions with a rank of three stars (Silver)

Stop the clock – Complete all the timed missions (Silver)

To the max – Get maximum guns and armour (Silver)

Bombastic – Shoot down 5 helicopters in one level with the mortar (Gold)

Bullet proof – Complete a mission with no damage (Gold)

Gold star – Complete all the missions with a rank of three stars (Gold)

Guardian angel – Complete all the protection missions without losing a single bomber (Gold)

Master gunny – Complete every level with a rank of three stars (Gold)

Return to sender – Destroy all the transport helicopters in a level before they land (Gold)

Land, air and sea – Be victorious and crush all the enemy forces (Platinum)

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