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CaptoGlove Achieves Kickstarter Goal, Eyes Thumb Pressure Sensor Stretch Goal

The stretch goal unlocks at $125k.

Only a couple of weeks ago CaptoGlove launched its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for its virtual reality (VR) compatible data-glove. Looking to secure $50,000 USD, that’s now been achieved and with 19 days to go the campaign is looking towards its only stretch goal, putting a thumb pressure sensor in. 

Adding a pressure sensor to the thumb will expanded the functionality of the glove. Alongside future customisation options, with the sensors touch sensitivity it will be able to perceive various levels of pressure, from <100g to >10kg.


“Our community of backers have been our biggest evangelists and have helped us quickly achieve our funding goal, as well as provided valuable feedback on additional features and capabilities they’d like to see in CaptoGlove,” said Paolo Trotta CEO of CaptoGlove. “It is because of this response we decided to add a Stretch Goal of a pressure-sensitive pushing sensor to the thumb, which will pave the way for integrating CaptoHaptic Kit in the future.”

CaptoGlove was initially conceived five years ago as a way to help a father regain coordination and mobility after a stroke. Following early success the device was then modified to help train military pilots.  CaptoGlove then teamed up with sports glove company, Reusch to create a wearable wireless controller for a variety of uses, including videogames, VR, mobile, professional training, drones, smart home products and more.

Working via Bluetooth, CaptoGlove has been designed to be compatible with as many VR head-mounted displays (HMDs) as possible. It features Bend Sensors provided by Flexpoint, and an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) with 10 Degrees of Freedom (10DoF). This gives the glove yaw, pitch, roll and altitude capabilities.

The Super Early Bird funding tier is still available (at time of writing) for $160, that gets you one glove. Or there’s an Early Bird tier for a pair of gloves at $440.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of CaptoGlove, reporting back with further updates.

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