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Island 359: Zero Dark screenshot

CloudGate Introduces Oculus Touch Support to Island 359

New update to Steam Early Access title also introduces more T-Rexes and AI improvements.

Up until now, only owners of the HTC Vive have been able to experience the joys of hunting down dinosaurs of Island 359, that has just changed with the launch of a big new patch with introduces Oculus Touch support along with a host of other features and fixes.

CloudGate Studios released Island 359 to Steam Early Access back in August 2016, where it was exclusive for the HTC Vive. The developers revealed earlier this month that they had been working on methods of introducing support for the Vive tracker, and the new update proves that is not all they were working on.

The new update adds in Oculus Rift with Touch support for both standing and room-scale play, along with a host of other updates, such as the new feature that allows users to highlight items on the floor around them, so they can choose what item they want to pick up. The menus have seen some improvements, and the Jungle environment has had a graphical overhaul, with improvements to layout, foliage and performance. More T-Rexes have been introduced, and Loot Drop has been introduced into the Beach map.

Island 359 - T-RexRoars

In more subtle changes, an experimental feature that auto-detects graphical settings has been included, users who already have an existing save file can take advantage of this feature by clicking a button in the graphics menu marked ‘Auto Detect Settings’. The AI has also been updated, giving raptors the ability to use jump attack, along with a host of other minor enemy behaviour tweaks.

Further information can be found on the Island 359 Steam page.

Island 359 is available through Steam Early Access for a price of £12.74, currently available with a 15% discount. Normal retails price is £14.99.

VRFocus will bring you further updates on Island 359 when they come in.

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