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Eve Valkyrie Groundrush 2

Concept Art Showcases Development of EVE: Valkyrie’s Solitude

CCP Games has released two images.

This coming Tuesday CCP Games will release the next update for its popular virtual reality (VR) multiplayer EVE: Valkyrie called Groundrush. Several screenshots and a trailer have already been released showcasing the new level Solitude, adding to that the studio has unveiled some concept artwork.

Solitude is the first EVE: Valkyrie map not set in space, taking place above a land based installation, with players having to now contend with level floor.

The two images below detail a gritty war torn landscape that players will be able to fly through as well as over. With Solitude CCP could experiment with designs and themes not usually found in the other levels. Smoke billows out from missile impacts or downed fighters, while the snow capped mountains of a stark contrast to the deep reaches of space that players are more familiar with.

Concept art is an important part of any development process within videogames, with artists helping to visualise the design direction of a title. It’s been popular for studios to release more and more concept art due to the high quality nature of the work. Fans can get a better understanding of the ideas that go into the project’s development, plus they look good as a desktop wallpaper.

For further details on the new map checkout VRFocushands-on with Solitude, or read the interview with some of the CCP team as they celebrated EVE: Valkyrie’s first year.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of EVE: Valkyrie, reporting back with the latest updates.

EVE Valkyrie Solitude_Base_01 EVE Valkyrie Solitude_Base_02

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