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INAVR Vest Double

D&E Tech Announces INAVR Haptic Vest Developed in Partnership with Intel

Currently the vest is only available in China.

Making you feel like you’re truly inside videogame worlds is a core requisite of virtual reality (VR) technology. There are various peripherals on the market or being developed that aim to help in this endeavour, from data gloves, and omni-directional treadmills, to haptic vests. Today Chinese company D&E Tech has announced the INAVR Vest, which began development in 2015 in partnership with Intel.

Designed for VR and augmented reality (AR) gaming, the INAVR Vest is powered by Intel’s button-sized neural network system-on-chip Curie module, featuring 2 chest haptic units, 2 abdomen units, 2 waist units and 2 shoulder units, delivering various levels and patterns of haptic feedback.


Haptic vests allow users to feel various forms of in-game occurrences, such as gunshots, punches, swordfights and explosions.

The INAVR Vest can also be used for cinematic experiences, allowing users to feel the impacts from explosions and fighting scenes. In order to offer more accessible video content, D&E Tech has teamed up with China’s biggest video platform Youku since 2016.

“Haptic vest is the next generation of wearable human-computer interaction technology, provide the sense of tactile interaction. INAVR Vest is the world’s first mass production of wearable haptic vest products, offer non-audio-visual human-computer interaction in immersive VR environment, compatible with both PC VR and Mobile VR. INAVR Vest is dedicated to complete the VR sensory experience.” Said Alpha Lam, CEO of D&E Tech.

For VR titles D&E Tech has teamed up with a variety of developers including Tencent, ActGame, Zenz VR, and Darklord to deliver high-level videogame experiences. Compatible VR experiences so far include:

INAVR Vest Specs are:

  • Sensor: 6-Axis (Accelerometer, Gyrometer)
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth, MicroUSB
  • Battery:          1,300mAh Li-ion, 3 hours of battery life.
  • Weight:        1000g

INAVR Vest is currently commercially available in China for $350 USD. VRFocus has contacted D&E Tech to confirm if the device will make it to other territories, and will update this article accordingly.

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