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Discover Hidden Figures at Tribeca Film Festival

Hidden Figures AR movie tie-in Outthink Hidden will be available at Tribeca Film Festival

The augmented reality (AR) app Outthink Hidden was launched in February 2017 to tie in to award-winning 2016 movie Hidden Figures and would allow visitors and residents of certain US cities to learn more about the people featured in the film. Now, visitors to the Tribeca Film Festival will have the same opportunity.

Hidden Figures tells the story of three remarkable African American women and their contribution to the 1950s NASA space program, a contribution that had been all but forgotten by mainstream history. Dorothy Vaughan taught herself how to program the IBM mainframe at NASA, Katherine Goble developed an equation to help guide space capsules safely back to Earth and both have their stories told in the movie, with more information being available in the AR app alongside other forgotten figures from history.

The app features ten ‘hidden figures’ from history who have made significant contributions to science and mathematics, and the app acts as a virtual museum by showing 3D graphics along with written histories and audio narration. The app allows people who visit certain areas in the supported cities of Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washinton DC to discover more about these people and what they achieved.

Attendees at the Tribeca film Festival will also be able to download Outthink Hidden, which runs through the T Brand Studio AR app, activating the software at certain plinths located around the Tribeca Film Festival location.

The app was created as collaboration between the New York Times and IBM and is available to download for free from the Google Play Store or iOS Store.

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