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DUST VR Dance Experience Aims to Show We Are All Starstuff

New VR experience gets viewers right into the dance.

Prague-based artistic duo Andrej Boleslavský and Mária Júdová are working on an immersive virtual reality (VR) dance art project titled DUST.

Boleslavský and Júdová hope to create an experience that will forge an emotional connection between a dancer and the audience by putting the viewer closer than ever to the space occupied by the dancer. Viewers use a HTC Vive headset to experience the dance from every possible perspective as the dancer moved around the CGI environment.

The creators say that the work was inspired by a philosophy book by Eugene Thacker called, In the Dust Of This Planet which explores the idea that everything, including ourselves, is made from the same dust, and that dust was formed in the heart of stars.

DUST was created by using volumetric capturing of the dancer. A Kinect depth sensor was used in addition to custom software to capture the dancer’s body from all angles. Reality Capture software and Blender were then used to stitch everything together for a seamless experience.

Boleslavský and Júdová have worked with technology to create art for some time and work closely with performers to try and combine performance and art with technological innovation.

Andrej Boleslavský had this to say: “As an improvisational tool, VR can inspire creative movements; as an educational tool, it can record choreography and encourage public engagement, and, for us, it is a tool for endless artistic expression.”

You can watch a trailer for DUST below.

It is becoming more common to see art and dance used as part of a VR experience. The Pacific Northwest Ballet recently released a 360-degree film featuring a dance performance, and the Hip Hop International contests are planned to be broadcast at 360-degree VR streams.

VRFocus will continue to update you with new developments of art and dance within VR.

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