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Elite Dangerous Horizons

Elite Dangerous Gets Multi-Player Ships in New Update

New patch also introduces new ship types and customisable avatars.

Popular space exploration videogame Elite Dangerous: Horizons is getting a big update in the shape of the 2.3 The Commanders patch. Several new features are being introduced along with the expected bug fixes.

Elite Dangerous is the fourth game in the Elite series, which began way back in 1984. Elite Dangerous itself was funded through Kickstarter after failing to arrive at the publishing deal. The PC version was launched in December 2014 and was one of the early titles to fully support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

The new 2.3 update introduces the possibility of gathering multiple players together to crew a single ship in multicrew co-op play. Helm, Gunner and Fighter are available as roles for each crew person to take on. Multicrew ships get benefits in precision and control. Players can join a crew from anywhere in the in-game galaxy.

Also being introduced is the Holo-Me avatar, a creator and editor that allows players to create a personalised appearance for their in-game avatar. There are a large array of options available at patch launch, with the possibility of further being introduced in later patches, so players can create a truly unique avatar look.

The camera suite has been upgraded for third-person as well, enabling easier capture of screenshots as well as opening up the game for film-making and machinima. The patch is also introducing new ships in the from of the dolphin passenger ship, the massive Mega Ships and huge hidden Asteroid Bases.

You can watch a trailer for Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2.3 The Commanders below.

VRFocus will bring you further information on Elite Dangerous updates when they come in.

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