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Elixir VR Offers Pre-Orders for VR Sci-Fi Series

Creators will be showing early footage of the series at VRLA.

Virtual reality (VR) content creator Elixir VR are working on a new type of VR experience that combines television with VR. The new concept is titled ‘Foreverse’ and Elixir VR are offering the first season for pre-order.

The concept for the series centres around a group of gamers who find evidence that the world as we know it might, in fact, be a very elaborate simulation. The experience is designed with room-scale VR in mind, allowing viewers to be in the same physical space as the characters.

“This changes everything,” said Chris W. Hill, the show’s creator. “Being present as the adventure unfolds around you truly enhances the experience in ways we couldn’t have predicted.”

The project was originally an experiment that began in spring 2016 before moving on to various events to gauge audience response.

“We took a demo of the show to a few events, and were blown away by the response! That community enthusiasm, coupled with our own excitement about the creative possibilities inherent in the show’s premise, prompted us to expand the project to four half-hour episodes.” Hill said additional episodes are possible in the future. “We have the entire series mapped out creatively, and we’d love to tell this story over multiple seasons. At the end of the day, that will be up to the community.”

The Foreverse demo will be shown at the VRLA Expo in Los Angeles from 14th-15th April where the creators at Elixir VR will be letting attendees get a sneak peek at the early footage.

Interested parties can secure a pre-order by pledging through Kickstarter. Further information is available on the Kickstarter page.

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