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EVE: Valkyrie Groundrush Gets New Nightyard Map

New dark map ‘Nightyard’ added to Groundrush update.

The latest instalment to the EVE Online virtual reality (VR) spinoff EVE: Valkyrie, Groundrush, was announced during the EVE Fanfest last week. Developer CCP have not sat on their laurels, however, and have been busily producing even more new content, such as the recently announced new map.

The new area is one of the new wormhole maps, a feature introduced in the previous update to Groundrush, which allows the introduction of some different elements through weekly events which include new maps, modifiers and other variants to the gameplay mix.

The Nightyard is a dark shipyard, highlighted in electric blue lighting effects and described in universe as a ‘corrupted and twisted version of the normal shipyard structure’. Unlike most EVE: Valkyrie maps there is no sunlight in the Nightyard map as the structure is in perpetual eclipse, allowing the glow of weaponry and the engine trails of ships to be clearly visible in the gloom.

Pilots brave enough to tackle the Nightyard map will find that ships that enter the area will emit a bright rainbow trail, allowing for easier tracking as they engage with the enemy Schism. Missile systems for player pilots have also been enhanced. Ships that are available for this map are Aegis, Sentry and Siren so players can choose a ship to match their preferred strategy.

Developers CCP Games are also looking for players and fans to contribute ideas for future Wormhole game modes, the best of which may even be included in a future update. Players can contribute their ideas on the ‘Designing the Future’ thread on the EVE: Valkyrie website forums.

VRFocus will bring you further news on EVE: Valkyrie updates as they come in.

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